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Want solutions? We got them

Forget bland pills, elevate your wellness game with our juicy and fruity gummy bear vitamins.

✓ Flavors derived from real fruit
✓ Transparent and sustainable
✓ Personalized recipes that fit your unique needs

Who we are
Scientist injecting liquid into bottles in a lab

Turning research into action

Our scientific team seeks clinically studied ingredients for our formulas, using transparent science so we know they work. Our formulation is crafted to exceed the highest standards of supplement testing. Made in the USA with love.

✓ Third-party lab tested
✓ Certificate of Analysis
✓ United States Pharmacopeia standards

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Only the good stuff

Gummy Bear vitamins and supplements are undeniably clean – this means that you and your family can trust that you’re getting the highest-quality nutritional products on the market. Only packed with the essentials, we take transparent nutrition to another level.

✓ No gluten or dairy
✓ Non GMO and antibiotic free

Meet our standards

We want to answer your questions

How are your products formulated?

At Gummy Bear, we formulate evidenced-based supplements that are built on the latest scientific literature and address the specific needs of each person.

Our team leverages medical experts and scientists to constantly iterate and conduct deep reviews on dietary ingredients to produce powerful health synergies for your body.

What kind of testing is done?

You can be sure that what's on our label is what's in the supplement. Our gummy's meet FDA regulations on identity, purity, strength, and composition. Quality and safety is always top-of-mind at Gummy Bear -- it's our company backbone.

Our gummies are produced in a USA-based FDA registered facility and strictly follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). We always strive to operate a responsible supply chain -- every step of the way.

What's different about Gummy Bear from other brands?

We aren't your typical drug store supplement. The biggest difference between Gummy Bear and other supplement brands? Personalization. Every gummy is made purposefully to meet specific bodily needs, lifestyles, and health goals. We refuse to create one-size-fits-all solutions.

We also differentiate on quality. We take pride in sourcing safe and high quality ingredients. We want you to be as informed as possible -- we're naked, we have nothing to hide.

How does my subscription work? How can I update my preferences every month?

As soon as you sign up for a Gummy Bear subscription, we'll ship the goods to you every month! Super easy.

To update your preferences, log in to your Gummy Bear account. Once you're in, make the updates and wait 24 hours for the system to reflect your changes.

Are there any upcoming products?

Yes of course! We are continously researching and innovating to create the best product for you. Some upcoming products currently undergoing testing to keep your eyes out for includes: ashwagandha, calcium + vitamin D, echinacea, omega 3, probiotic, and apple cider gummies.