Every stage your gummy goes through:

1. Clinical research

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Backed by real science

Creating evidence-based products has always been in Gummy Bear's DNA. That's why we have included clinical research to support every product.

The science of supplements demands precision. By collaborating with medical experts and research partners across North America, we get research-backed supplements for outcomes that last.

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2. Ingredients selection

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Transparent ingredients

We also believe that simple is better - that means no unnecessary ingredients, additives, or chemicals. We know that you're looking for supplements that work, and that's exactly what we deliver:

✓ High quality
✓ Supported by science
✓ Ethical ingredients

3. Testing standards

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The triple testing process you can trust

Gummy bear marries nutritional science and manufacturing best practices through our three step process:

1. Our gummies are screened in-house for supplement fact verification and allergens.

2. We partner with certified non-affiliated third-party laboratories to get Certificate of Analyses. Our third-party laboratories test for:

✓ Heavy metals
✓ Pathogens
✓ Contaminants

3. We hire third-party quality advisors to oversee our production to ensure that we are in line with the highest US manufacturing standards.

4. Production Standards

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Best of the best

You're not settling so why should we? Our factories go through our high selection standard. They are:

✓ Certified in Good Manufacturing Practices, which means that the your gummies are produced to the highest international standards.
Completed in the USA. This means that from throughout our supply chain, we choose to work with American companies.
✓ Compliant to our Factory Code of Conduct, that emphasizes quality, ethics, and purity,

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Common Questions

Does every supplement company do this?


We don’t speak directly for other companies, but generally know that most brands either don’t test or don’t share their test results for one or more of the following reasons: 

✓ They think testing costs too much money

✓ Companies don’t like the idea of what they’d find if they chose to test and think it’s better to stay in the dark 

✓ Or, they did test, and they don’t like what the results show, so they don’t share them publicly

However, we find these reasons unacceptable and choose to take a different approach by conducting tests and being transparent with our results.

What are heavy metals?

Naturally occurring heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic, are present in our environment as part of the earth's crust and can be found in air, water, and soil. As plants are grown in soil, heavy metal content is likely to be present in products made from them.

In small amounts, heavy metals are typically not harmful, unless one has a specific medical condition. It is worth noting that heavy metals are already present in fruits and vegetables sold at grocery stores.

The concern around heavy metals arises from the amount that may be present in products. In large doses, heavy metals can be dangerous, which is why it is essential to conduct tests to ensure that the product you consume falls below the safe limit set by the United States Pharmacopeia.

While we want our customers to be aware of heavy metals, we do not want them to be afraid of them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Are supplements regulated by the FDA?

The supplement industry is monitored and regulated by the FDA. However, the FDA does not certify or test products before they are released to the market. Additionally, supplement companies are not required by the FDA to test their products. Instead, companies have the option to conduct testing, even if they believe that their products are safe and free from adulteration. We want consumers to feel safe. This is precisely why you have landed on this page.